Public Interest Increases in BBL and Our Approach

Public Interest Increases in BBL and Our Approach
Posted on 03/11/2015
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Several prestigious national, state or city-wide conference presentations highlight BBL and our instructional approach.


We’ve been running workshops and participated on panels this spring, at local, regional and national conferences on education.  Each highlights our unique approach to ELA or mathematics or both.  Here is a partial list of those events:

  • On March 23rd, Dr. Powell, Dr. Hajar and Dr. Swartz participated in a NY Math Circle event at NYU’s campus in Manhattan.  The topic was “Use of Cuisenaire Rods to Support the Learning of High School Mathematics.”
  • On March 30th, Dr. Powell and Dr. Swartz co-presented on “Subordinating Teaching to Learning: How to Promote Intelligent Problem Solving for Future Success,” at the Annual New Jersey Charter Schools Conference.
  • On May 18th, Dr. Swartz was invited to participate on a panel of experts at a national conference in Los Angeles, run by Schools That Can.  The session was entitled, “How can we integrate deeper learning strategies into our classrooms?”
  • On June 6th, two of our Academic Leaders, Fahim Chowdhury and Dasha Alexander, led a session, with support from Dr. Swartz and Dr. Hajar.  Called “Algebra Before Arithmetic,” it took place at a city-wide conference organized by Schools That Can, Teach of America and 4.0 Schools.